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Tuesday Group in Central London


Time: Tuesday evenings 7.15pm - 9.30pm,

Dates: (Next entry date: See update. See below for membership details.)

Covid19 Virus Pandemic Update:

This group is closed for now, until it  may be considered safe enough

to continue with direct face to face therapy work.

Jan 7th to March 31st.

April 28th to July 28th

September 1st to Dec 15th

Venue: The Open Centre, 188 Old Street, London EC1., UK.

Cost: £182  for each 6 weeks.

Info/Booking: 0207 288 1894


Awareness is an ever changing process and an important part of everyday

life. Gestalt Therapy encourages us to pay attention to our moment to

moment experiencing, of ourselves and our world.


This experiential therapy group provides an opportunity for you to explore

yourself and your relationships . Over time, it may become a "mirror" to

your life, enabling you to see more clearly your personal themes, needs,

dreams and any habitual ways of satisfying or frustrating yourself.


The group can be a real support and stimulus to your personal

development. You can experiment with: new ways of relating in the

present, extending your range of behaviour and with ways of dealing with

the "past", releasing yourself to present living with more interest and



This mixed group is suitable for those with and those without previous

therapy experience.  New members join periodically when space is

available and you may enquire at any time. The group is intended for those

who wish to be in group therapy for at least 12 weeks. You may join it with

an initial minimum commitment of 6 weeks and choose to continue by

attending for further blocks of 6 weeks membership. The group is

continuous, meeting weekly for 42 weeks in the year (approx). Usually the

group has a break (no meetings) for 2 or 3 weeks at Christmas & Easter

time and again breaks for 4 or 5 weeks towards the end of July.




For a map and some directions to the Tuesday group venue: click here .

The facilitators details can be found here: A Gestalt Therapist in London  .

You can find further information about Gestalt Therapy here : What is Gestalt Therapy  .


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