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To help find a therapist, Psychotherapist or Counsellor  almost anywhere in the UK, use the  links on this page. With most of these you can search through a list of therapists on the website. Each of the first four listed organisations maintains a register of qualified Therapists / Psychotherapists. There's also a link to IPN and a couple of listing sites.


   MY DETAILS A Gestalt Therapist & Psychotherapist Online from London




 GPTI - Gestalt psychotherapy & training institute






  YELL.COM search psychotherapy


Search through a list of qualified Gestalt Counsellors &  Psychotherapists on the

 website. Practitioners work mainly in London & the South East of England.


GPTI - Gestalt psychotherapy & training institute

Search through a list of qualified Gestalt Therapists,  Psychotherapists on the

 website. Practitioners throughout the UK.


IPN - Independent Practitioners Network

"The Independent Practitioners Network is an alternative structure for validating

 and monitoring therapists, counsellors, facilitators, and others in the field. It was

 founded in November 1994." IPN has developed an innovative approach to

 promoting good practise in psychotherapy, counselling and allied fields. It's central

 premiss being that practitioners can be both self regulating and accountable when

 engaged in a community of fellow practitioners  committed to promoting honest

 reflection, self disclosure & peer assessment . A network of linked peer groups

 works to provide the necessary support and challenge to foster evaluation and


 At present there is no online list of IPN members. However on the following web

 page ( click here ) there's a list of regional contacts. The regional contact person

 may be able to put you in touch with a therapist / counsellor (IPN group member)

 in your area. Psychotherapists and counsellors interested in IPN membership can

 obtain more information from the regional contacts.



Maintains a register of qualified  Psychotherapists. You can search through a list of

 qualified Psychotherapists on the website (search by town/city or postcode).



This link will take you to Yell.coms' online yellow pages directory listing of

 Therapists & Psychotherapists. The page shown should be for gestalt practitioners

 in London. To search for all Psychotherapists listed in your chosen area leave the

 "company name" entry empty.

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